This project succeeded in joining researchers from three countries (México, Colombia and the United States) in an effort  to contribute to the ARGO global observation strategy. We aim to fill in the large observational gaps now found in the tropical Pacific from Colombia to México; to involve students and researchers in climate-related research and to improve the capabilities in these two Latin American countries to exploit results from climatic research.


This project is funded by IAI grant SGPII-066. Activities are divided into three categories: 1) pilot field experiment in the Colombian Pacific; 2) training of scientific personnel and 3) writing of proposals.


One important results is the collaboration of researchers from Mexico, Colombia and the US in climate-related research.


Our final goal it is to better the understanding of seasonal to interannual current variability in the North-Eastern tropical Pacific.

                                                             Principal Investigators

Curtis Collins (NPS, USA) 

 Carlos Andrade (Escuela Naval, Colombia) 

Armando Trasviña (CICESE, México)